Friday, August 06, 2010

See (the circular) saw

Yupp, my heart skipped a beat..

The Bar Scene

Went to the store the other day.. Saw some coupons for cereal bars.. Thought they would be a good buy for breakfast for the week.. So, randomly selected a few from 3 brands.

Next morning I reviewed my cereal bar options available for consumption.. Turns out I bought a combination of only 2 flavors somehow..

- Maple nut
- Pecan pie
- Maple pecan

Its turning out to be a rather maply-pecanny week indeed.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Epiphany of the day

Absolutely all the things we ever do in our entire lives fall into one of the following two categories:

- Things we do that we want to do.
- Things we do that we are forced to do - either by another person, situation, or Momma Nature.

Will there be any more categories?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ab Aeterno

Lost.. getting sillier and sillier with every next episode.. But, I saw this week's episode the other day.. And I think its my favorite episode of Lost so far..

It showed the back-story of Richard, and explains how he got to the island and is immortal.. It answered the question of why there is a ship stranded in the jungle in the middle of the island.. I felt the story of Richard was very compelling, and the overall episode was intense and satisfying.. For the first time in a long time I felt like Lost has held up to its hype..

The actor playing Richard has acted very well, and you can really feel for him.. The way that he has portrayed his character's repentance of accidentally killing the doctor is very, for a lack of a good word, authentic.. He confesses to the Padre, and asks for forgiveness.. And the Padre bluntly refuses and reciprocates with a very cold "No." Its really shocking to hear that.. Richard breaks down when he hears that, and you actually feel really bad for him then.. Also his torturous time clad in chains on the ship, and then trying to free himself from them is very human.

His love for his wife is so very genuine and doesnt feel cliche for even a single moment. And it is not surprising when questioned what is one thing he really wants, to which his response, without losing a heart-beat, is that he would like his wife back from the dead.

The start and end of the episode is very cleanly joined. You see him heading over to the "Black Monster's" team at the start of the episode. And his back-story then very artfully explains his decision... He has been alive for about 150 years now.. and all this time he was working for "Jacob". But now that Jacob is dead, Richard's life so far seems very pointless to himself, which is but natural and sort of makes sense.

Overall, I felt this episode was very good quality viewing material. It was very dramatic, and within the parameters of the show - very realistic and uncontrived. The characterization of Richard, who was so-far someone who had some idea about whats going on, was shown in a very vulnerable shade, and the depiction was very classy. His story-line felt very real as opposed to some of the others which felt somewhat haywire and not pertaining to the story..

Even if you dont have an idea about Lost, or have lost your Lost (I dont blame you) I would definitely recommend this episode for the classy depiction of a simple, god-fearing man, and the tribulations he has to go through. If nothing else, then just really good acting.

Overall a thumbs-up from me.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Sad, really.

I was heating up a store-bought frozen meal for lunch the other day.. It was simple pesto pasta with chicken and some zucchini.. apparently..

I read out the ingredients in this seemingly "healthy" meal.. It took me a minute and 10 seconds to read the list non-stop at regular reading speed. Omg.

It sounded more like a chemical factory showcasing its products than an ingredient list of a meal.

And I wasnt even full after eating it..

I was having a cereal bar for breakfast the other day.. It said "Oats and Strawberry" on the package.. I happened to (unfortunately) read the ingredient list again.. I shouldnt have.. There was not even a single piece of said strawberry in the thing.. The "strawberry" pieces were really strawberry flavored cranberries.

Sad, really.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


I was lying on my sofa, watching Friends after a somewhat busy day.. Ross was in an interview for a grant.. The moderator asked him to spell "Boscodictiosaur" - a made-up dinosaur.

Ross starts spelling - "B.. O.."

The moderator says that its wrong.. and the word starts with an "M" - the M is silent..

The episode then went in for a break.. And the next thing that comes up was an ad for the new Alice in Wonderland movie.. The already creepy looking Johnny Depp came on the screen.. and the first thing he says is -- "I'm looking for words starting with M.."

OMG.. In my quasi-sleep state it felt so weird.. felt like Johnny was somewhere in the corner, stalking my tv.. Creepy..

I wonder if they programmed the ad in that way, or it was just a co-incidence..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not a single place to sleep

Dang. What a week it has been! I just got a moment to sit and think. And I realized that I am sleeping in a different place almost all this week!

Friday night - at home in Thane
Change city to Pune
Saturday night - at a resort in Pune
Change city to Thane
Sunday night and Monday night - at home in Thane
Change city to Hyderabad
Tuesday night - at a hotel in Hyderabad
Change hotel to a different hotel
Wednesday night - at a different hotel in Hyderabad
Change room to a different room
Thursday night - at a different room in the hotel
Change location to a flight
Friday night - on a seat in a Delta flight
Change country to the States
Saturday night - at home in Austin

I feel like a snail carrying its shell from one place to another - carrying my bags whereever I go..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who knew..

that if you apply shaving foam to the mirror, and then wipe it clean, then the mirror wont steam up after the shower!